Dear Buhari we are not lazy youth

Dear pa Buhari,

Trust work is fine, and your stay in Westminster too?

I write to tell you of how lazy our youths in Nigeria are. But, I am so confused as to where to start from.

Perhaps I should start with the youths in Oshodi of Lagos who wake up as early as 4:30AM daily to commence their hustle, with little break fast, sharp Lunch of Bread and coke and the uncertainty of dinner. Or the youths in Aba market who do all the menial jobs, carry loads all day on their backs. Or the youths in Kano who splits woods for a little taken. Or the student who goes to class without a proper breakfast after spending a long night of studying with candle light.

Or the number of unemployed youths who join long ques for military and police recruitment and are robbed off the chance to serve their Father land by more influential people.

Or the youths who screamed Sai baba in 2015, with Active social media campaign.

Or Perhaps the Imranas, the Late John Pauls, the Uyimeabasis, the Pantelones, the Funmis, the Teresas but to state a few of youths who have and are doing great things for their country and Humanity.

Or the athletes who have traveled to represent their Father land without been properly service by the Government.

Or the students who have spent over 6 years doing a 4 or 5 years University program.

Perhaps Baba, you should make confirmation from job consultancy firms and find out how many Youth visit their website per hour. Or you should check the Civil service and see how many youths are gainfully in the service.

Baba, you should Perhaps again, remember that before you left a boy from Aso Rock had a bike crash that nearly claimed his life, and you were worried, I think he falls within the lazy youths too.

Baba, to know how lazy youths are, you need to visit Taraba and see youths doing the work of police and military Men to defend their communities or to Omala Local Government of Kogi State and Benue State from herdsmen attack.

I hope, Baba, you will add all these as your points, when journalist meet you for deeper discuss before you leave the Westminster.

Please don’t forget to tell them you promised the unemployed youths five thousand naria every month too. Cant wait to have you back in Nigeria.


Your lovely lazy Nija son
Abakpa, J. A

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