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There are clothing for different and every occasion besides, playing dress-up is fun and exciting. Whether it’s culled from a Movie, Cartoons, Comics or even Run-ways, the thrill of putting on something pretty, chic and daring can be exhilarating. It could even help in spicing up things with your spouse. With that said, it is necessary to know and keep in mind that they are merely costumes and not your everyday look.


I am a fan of black widow, wolverine, superman and batman but that does not mean I would go on with my daily life or for an occasion dressed as them {except if it is a costume party}, neither would I want to date a man dressed as wolverine, no matter how sexy I think the character is because that is what it is – a character! Now movies transport you into a world of endless possibilities {drama, fantasy, action, mystery, you name it, all wrapped in one} with feisty teenagers with gothic looks, mums still looking flawlessly gorgeous and sexy wearing skimpy outfits at age 50 {okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get my point}, and boys sagging ridiculously and making us believe it’s all cool and great. Well, it’s not, at least not in reality. What mother in her 40s-50s walks around looking flawless and in skimpy outfits all the time? What woman doesn’t have a flaw? And is sagging really cool? We watch these, fall in love with the character(s) and begin to dress and even imitate their lifestyle which is completely different from whom we are. The most annoying of them all is musical videos, runways and award shows {clothes worn on the red carpet}. Some {if not most} Nigerian teenagers {some youths inclusive} wear most if not every single thing they see in musical videos and on the Red Carpet, not minding that they are very inappropriate and can make one look cheap {and that is just me putting it nicely!}. Remember there is one look you never want to go for and that is: TRASHY.

There’s a popular song: ANACONDA by Nicky Minaj.

I won’t be surprised if I see some ladies wear what she {Nicky} wore for her performance at the VMAs {some years back} to a night club with a long netlike gown on it. Okay, maybe I’m going too far but it is still a possibility. Anything can happen these days.

What about Taylor swift?

Really?!! Very soon young ladies would parade themselves in this everywhere. This is Taylors’ worst fashion moment {for me} and it hurts me to even say it. Of course, she does the short gowns and others, but she has always {okay, mostly} looked classy, chic and beautiful.

I love Katy Perry. Lovely songs and spunky personality {constantly spicing things up with her hair} but when it comes to fashion and knowing what to wear for different occasions, she fails 6 out of 10 times {my opinion}. It seems like she often wears her costumes {stage and musical videos} to different functions. The VMAs are no exception. Perhaps, this is her worstL fashion moment. Yes, Denim is fantastic but it should never be styled like this! And they wore matching outfits. No one should be caught wearing denim this way – EVER!! Thankfully, we get to see a more classy side of her these days


What people don’t understand is that most celebrities won’t be caught dead wearing these clothes daily or for different occasion. All these {above} are for the spotlight. It’s all entertainment and perhaps flaunting all just for the night. Whereas, we take it upon ourselves to constantly look like the image they are portraying only for the cameras. We must understand that they don’t look that way every day and neither should you. Know the difference and stick to your every day lookJ.

Until next time; be good and be you!


Byline: Ugboma MaryBarbara

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