CMS/Marina Okada Riders Lament LASTMA’s Incessant Troubles

Photo: LASTMA pushing  Danfo 
Commercial motorcycle riders around CMS/Marina in Lagos State are lamenting the continued harassments by the officials of the Lagos State Transport Management Authority, (LASTMA).

According to a rider who spoke with CR, “LASTMA always take advantage of traffic jam to oppress them and exploit us”.

He said “they will arrest us and say we don’t use helmet because we are government staff and we carry people just to help our family and friends or to augment our fuel”.

According to him, “LASTMA officials do a lot of illegal things and they always charge us as high as N10,000 if you are arrested. “And if you don’t beg them very well, they will seize your motorcycle for days and collect gate fee from you despite the fact that the motorcycle is government approved.

“Whereas in our presence,  some motorcycle will be carrying people without  helmet because they have been bribed by some motorcyclists, and they allow those that paid them to move freely as well as allow them to pass through BRT lane, walk way and even carry two three passengers without wearing helmets.

“We are now crying out because the issue of LASTMA is becoming alarming as many people in Lagos state have seriously been complaining about the way and manner they act,” the rider noted.

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