BENUE 2019:  The Queuing up of many sinners among   saints


Photo:Present Governor of Benue Mr Ortom


As the 2019 general election gathers momentum, INEC planning strategies of how to make it error free. In Benue state, many sinners are queuing for seat Dr. Ortom is not willing to forfeit for any one despite his inability of taken his people to the promised  land as chanted two years ago during his electioneering campaign across Local governments, clans and villages in the state.

It’s unarguably that, the Benue people have lived a life of penury, grinding poverty and deprivitization despite the state’s symbolism of “The food Basket of the Nation” over the years, but has no single factory to boost its economy and is now crowned as the “Land of Hunger”. For history sake, the Benue people had been under the grip of the People Democratic Party (PDP) for sixteen years (16), first with Senator George Akume the celebrated Oracle of Tiv land in the National Assembly, whose administration snowballed the visionless syndrome being experienced today. Instead of touring the part of Aper Aku and Rev, Fr. Adasu’s Developmental strides he chooses his own part which led to the sale of the Benue Cement Company and the TARAKU Rice Mill, in deep down tears, the Benue People sat with hand on their check and mouth sealed and it is now down on them.

Dr. Akume could not account for his misrule, between June 1999-July 2006 the federal allocation he received were plundered while social amenities in the state decline. He was reported to be spending 5 million on gifts and donations to friends in 2004 while the state is dire need of; good roads, pipe born water, and some his cabinet members were allowed to loot at will. N97.5 billion recieved from abuja was diverted, after his eight years in office, he left the seat for Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswam in 2007, Suswam never tour the part of his predecessor, as he embarked restoring the lost glory of the state which was long abandoned as catalyst of meaningfull development, he once addressed his newly appointed commissioners to; shun corruption, contribute meaningfully to the development of the state and above all be guided by the principals of transparency and accountability. these where the guiding principles of Dr. Tarwua Gabriel Suswan

Suswam initiated so many projects, completed and commissioned some while some were commissioned by the former president good luck Ebele Jonathan the then president, if not for Dr. Suswam, the Otobi Dam project in Apka-Otobi whould have been a thing of history. eight years after his successful administration, Ortom anointed his own candidate who he feels will continue with what he has started, but the political tempo of that year became intense and as the people played into the change mantra which is believed by some political scholars to be a political chicanery/trap to lure the people into economic hardship. What a big shame on the people of Benue who cannot differentiate between the good and the bad, the same also goes to the two political party the PDP and the APC who have one time or the other failed the people thereby dashing their hope to the ground.

The forthcoming election is at the corner again and sinners are seen among saints queuing for their own interest instead of the interest of all and the people have  been packed into a container of so many promises if happens they

(the sinners) won their ass into the seat of power again.

2019 Benue election is about deceiving the people but only with a biconcave lens  Torwua Suswam was able to see the invisible queue of the saints and deceivers, as a man whose heart had been bleeding, he straight ahead punctured the buildup bubble which has long gathered momentum. According to him, “Benue 2019: I have started seeing the lineup of PDP and APC aspirants for the 2019 governorship contest in my maternal state. I have seen big names like Tondu, Ortom, Iorhemba, Aleigba, Hembe, and sam Ode, Jime, Utsaha and several others. I will certainly write about some  “PDP” aspirants that are not contestable and I shall personally make the Benue people know why they are uncontestable and every bad thing about hem shall be made published”.

The words of the past leader send shocks to my marrow, one rhetorical questions I stand to ask is; why are the people still prepared to vote some of these aspirant when their records are so glaring that even the blind can perceive it too, despite Akume’s inability to bring succour to the people, he was still voted into the senate chamber to represent his people. With a considerable trepidation i wish to bring to the fore the brighter and darker side of the contestant, I even feel nothing but utter distain for those who think and had even dire to see nothing wrong in these lined up saints and sinners for joining the PDP or the redemptive Asiwaju’s All Progressive Congress, the swap will not make them a saint, all have sin and needed to be observed carefully. For these people (aspirant) are either anointed by Akume, Ortom or Suswam, for a good father can always produce his kind.

Mr. Sam Ode was the commissioner of chieftaincy affairs under Dr. Suswam before proceeding to take a federal appointment of a minister of State for Niger Delta,  as a minister, has any of his magnanimity ever been felt by his people?  Which youth has he empowered to the level the current governor was empowered to.  Dr. Ortom   usually makes references to Suswam gesture which turned around his life for good. When he (Dr. Suswam) was the member of the federal house of Reps and chairman  of  the House committee on FCT  once encouraged  Dr. Ortom’s effort by giving him a plot of land which he(Ortom) finally sold and sink the money into his business and since then has never remain the same.

Barr. Jime, was the former speaker, Benue state house of Assembly and a former member representing Makurdi/Guma federal constituency. Jime won the APC primary election but was finally denied the mandate of ruling the state as Chief Ortom, a former Member, supporter and benefactor of the PDP  was sneaked inn. This single act made Jime to lose hope on the party and Senator Akume’s agenda of laying hold on the state again. what has Jime done to win the people’s heart when he was a speaker how many local government project has he sponsored single handedly?.

Barr. Terhemen Tarzoor, a former speaker of the Benue state House of Assembly also won the Dec. 2014 PDP primary election against Mr. Sam Ode and the rest.

He is a young man, anointed by Dr. Suswan to succeed him. When he was the speaker of the house, what hand of fellowship did he extend to the people he represent how many indegent students benefited from his scholarsship scheme?, If really he has any.


Hon. Hembe is a young man i had ever loved to watch anytime he is heading any committe. A member of the National Assembly, representing Vandeikya/Konshisha federal constituency of Benue state, he is an out spoken gentle man, very calculative but was stained with a case of bribery and curruption. An allegation which made him resigned his chairmanship position and one of the allegation was he collected about N44 million bribe from Ms Oruma Oteh, the DG of SEC then when he was a chairman of the committee investigating the stock exchange commission.

How far has he gone in executing his constituency project?, can he account for all the constituency allocation or allowance he collected over the years?. or is he an abuja based Benue noise maker?.

They are group of sinners and saints jostling for one particular thing, either to milk the state dry or to continue in causing more harm to the people. Are they really qualify for what they are jostling for?

Unfortunately, for these aspirant we are in the age of digitalization,nothing can be hiding from the people you are working for as fact has become potent than substance. if therefore, the lined up sinners and saints are ready to make a change, they should start from within as the platform(party) they want to use stand unquestionable when things go wrong, they should also make their people feel their impact positively if not, the dream of rulling Benue will only become illusional for the people are now wiser than before.

By:  Paul Edoh  Jnr.                                              



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