Attacks on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are undemocratic and it is of the interest of 1per cent.

The recognition of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido by the US and other European countries leaders is sycophantic, wrong and unacceptable.

We the members of the Venezuela Solidarity Movement, Nigeria writes in a strong term to condemn and oppose the unlawful interference of the US, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, EU parliament and every other countries or group(s) in Venezuela issue, either from the US or anywhere else. We believed that this unlawful interference is not in the defense of the working people and the masses in Venezuela but on a self-motive of profit-making at the expense of the good people of Venezuela.

Furthermore, we will in every way continue to reject the injustices perpetrated by the US government in making every other countries puppet and inferior to her government and we shall also continue to mobilize, demonstrate and condemn such imperialism and neo-colonialism style of the US government and the plotted coup against a democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro and we shall build a wall of resistance against imperialism and the bourgeoisie and build a revolutionary front on the left this is in order to end US evil acts perpetrated against Venezuela and other countries.

It should be reiterated here emphatically that sanction and economic blockade of the U.S. against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for over 20years has resulted in futility and now US is seeking every means to impose government in Venezuela who will be puppet to the Trump government and make US capitalists to take total control of the Venezuela resources e.g. cruel-oil. This has been the usual ways of the world capitalists’ countries which have perpetrated similar evil in Africa (Nigeria) where undemocratic amalgamation was formalized which today brought national dis-unity in the country and these capitalists have to continue to make super-profit from the dis-unity and national crisis in Nigeria, sponsored war in Vietnam in Latin America, coup, invasions and assassinations against the socialist government of Fidel Castro of Cuba and placed sanctions against Caracas because of the country’s resources e.g. oil. In Venezuela, US-led sanctions and currency manipulations, neo-colonialism are all used in creating a problem in Venezuela and the right-wing opposition from outside are sponsoring individuals who could be made a puppet and using them to organize a coup d’état and take power from a democratically elected government.

The US President Donald Trump has doubled his efforts in imposing Juan Guaidó as president in Venezuela (a person whom by the virtue of law should have been arrested and detained) and creates threats of all-out military violence and sponsoring anti-government protest, pushing a multitude of outrageous lies in the global media.

Therefore, we demand:
• We demand that the ultimatum given by some group of countries should be withdrawn within 48hours and apology should be tender to the good people of Venezuela.
• The U.S. should stop with immediate effect all undemocratic and hostile actions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela -lift all sanctions, e.g. stop sponsoring a coup in Venezuela, stop efforts to take-over the Venezuelan economy with the aim of serving 1per cent

• We concretely demand that the U.S should respect the right of the Venezuelan people to self-determination.
• The U.S and every other country involved in the plunder of Venezuelan wealth should immediately return what they have stolen and to recognize the democratically elected government of Venezuela and its people’s rights.

Venezuela solidarity movement, Nigeria.1


Akande Daniel Babatunde
Venezuela Solidarity Movement,Nigeria.

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