Apa-Agatu 2019: Must unite against Political Wickedness



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Photo: Hon. Ademu Ochepo Entonu. Member representing Apa-Agatu federal Constituency.

Wickedness is in phases so they say but when the peoples’ future is been mortgage for food and drinks it becomes total wickedness and the people must raise to  condemn it in totality. A renowned author of a blessed memory once said and I quote “An active and intellectual alert population is the best guarantee against misrule” – late. Prof. Chinua Achebe.

Apa-Agatu must rise against misrule by mediocre by voting out Hon Engr. Entonu Ochepo the current serving member of the federal house of representative for failing them for the second time.

They must rise up against vote buying; you will recall that his last year Christmas present was bags of rice and magi only for his constituency members instead of infrastructural development and social services. The sharing of magi and salt is what wicked politicians are known for and this is what he has reduced  Apa-Agatu voters to lately.


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For good eight years the Igah-Okpaya born Politician has neglected his people to wallow in poverty and despite his inability to deliver his people from the squalor and shackles of poverty and his inability to sponsor a bill or attracts a federal contract to his constituency for eight good years is an indication that he is a mediocre and must not be voted into the green chamber again.


He is not having the intention to serve the people but to satisfy his selfish ambitions. Entonu has reduced social governance to Christmas merriment as he is still on the move to distribute a whole full trailer packed with rice to his constituency member this December. What else was there to flaunt and squable over vanity and footnotes in clime where there’s no blueprint for tangible infrastructural development.

How did Apa-Agatu electorate ever descend into a pitiable constituency that electorate can’t afford necessities but scramble for what heartless and visionless politician distribute with a quest of winning their collective conscience.

Apa-agatu must known this that Entonu has failed to deliver social services instead he chooses to distribute rice and magi during festive period and put up few of his chemist friends to dispense typhoid malaria drugs in the name “ medical outreach” and still, few people fawn around him like refugees’ and a second chance may mean disaster.

The people must raise against this year’s  rice and magi distribution which he has concluded to share to them, this is his only way of show casing good governance, his emergence again will give birth to another era of political wickedness.

However and what is brewing, most worrisome is how he robbed Mr. Samuel Godday his mandate despite the collective decision of PDP working committee to make Godday the party’s flag bearer since Entonu has failed, he used the constituency allowance meant for building boreholes, schools etc to buy his way thereby leaving Godday who is on a mandate to deliver his people to wallow in anguish; from all indication he is not having any good plans for the good people of Apa-agatu. However, stating the obvious that despite his inability to deliver his people from under development is an indication he has failed and will continue to fail.

Apa-Agtu must unite against such political wickedness and vote in a visionarian who has human blood running in his or her vain not Hon. Engr. Adamu Entonu again.

Written and sponsored by: the Voice of Concerned Apa-agatu youths for good governance media team

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