Another Northern Group Berates Igbos, Biafra Agitators Over Inflammatory Remarks

Another northern group called ‘North East Unity Forum’ has condemned the alleged consistent usage of abusive and inflammatory words by Igbos and agitators of Biafra nation in the south eastern part of the country against the northerners asking the authorities to call them to order.
Addressing Journalists yesterday in Bauchi, the national Chairman of the forum Comrade Alkasim Nuhu Abdulkadir who accused the federal government, states governors, religious and traditional leaders across the nation of being flippant about the ‘persistent name calling and harassment’ of northerners by the Biafra agitators urged them to intervene before the situation gets out of hand.
He recalled that the alleged unwarranted and deliberate provocations grew so intolerable that some concerned youths with the zeal for the protection of the north and its integrity formed a coalition of northern groups in June this year where ‘they boldly rose in defense of their region and issued quit notice to the Igbos’ but were vehemently criticized, arrested and detained by the country’s leaders.
According to him, Biafra agitators should also be called to order by the authorities as they did to Arewa youths in Kaduna for the interest of peace and unity of the nation.
” For quite some time, the abusive and provocative nature of the agitation has been tolerated even though they directly affect the sensitivities of the people of other regions particularly the north which was specifically targeted for harassment and ridicule. Thus an unruly crowd in the south eastern part of this country led by Nnamdi Kanu had for quite long disturbed the peace of the nation with greater emphasis on northerners whom they call baboons in zoo and other derogatory names”.
The group which condemned the nation’s elites for allegedly being silent in the face of the ‘Igbo provocation’ by attacking the coalition of  northerners begged the Nigerian and international authorities to let the Biafran agitators be granted independence peacefully as also demanded by the coalition of northern groups recently.
” More pronounced in its hostility to the patriotic northern coalition is the contraption fronted by certain Usman Bugaje, which has persisted in muscling the coalition into partisanship in favor of the presidential aspiration of a north east politician with an open preference for the Igbo at the expense of Northern interest”. They lamented.
The north east unity forum therefore threatened that they would continue to protect the interest of the north via all means and ‘were ready for all possible confrontations by any individual or group if such agitations and provocations’ persist.

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