7 Days Of Illegal Appointment Of Acting Registrar General Of Corporate Affairs Commission

If Lady Azuka Obiageli Azinge, the acting Registrar General of Corporate Affairs Commission, were a politician, we would have allowed her 100 days in office before expecting anything meaningful from her. But she is an appointee on one leg of legality, as there is no post of Acting Registrar General in CAMA 1990. She can be removed at any time but I strongly hold that it will be further an illegal act to appoint a new Registrar General of CAC in accordance with Section 8 of CAMA, without first complying with Section 2.

If the President appoints RG of CAC without first seeing to it that the Commission, is set up, I will sue whosoever becomes an illegal RG. Based on necessity, we are allowing this illegal Acting RG to perform, so that economic activities in Nigeria will not be further grounded. Why is it taking President Buhari more than two years to reconstitute Boards of parastatals and agencies he dissolved in June 2015?

Are there no worthy APC party members to be rewarded with appointment into Boards? I am also surprised that NBA and Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) that have statutory right to nominate members into some boards are quiet on this rape of due process and constitutionalism. The absence of Board, is giving room to CEOs of these agencies and parastatals to be corrupt as there is no check to their request for approval of loan and other money from TSA. This is further ruining and grounding Nigeria’s economy.

My own economic activities, particularly my CAC briefs have been grounded and nobody cares. My clients have deserted me, some threatened to report me to NBA. All these because Management of CAC took special interest in me and made sure that my applications are specially dealt with. The immediate past Special Assistant to the RG, one A.G.Abubakar, Esq, did not hide his contempt for me and showed this by manually querying a job I filed online. This IT had been approved for issuance of certificate on the 10th of June 2017 but as I write, no member of the IT department is able to tell me how to resolve this wicked query on my application.

Apart from this IT, a business name I fully paid for since June 12, is still not seen in CAC online portal or is there any query visible from my end of the computer. I have made extra-official efforts but the so called ICT problem, is still yet to be resolved. I have received calls from the Business name department but the blame trading between ICT and Business name, has further made things unbearably difficult for me. I have lost reputation, money and hardly have the owners of the above jobs refereed any client or job to me. In fact, all tokunbo briefs from Lagos have ceased and I have hungry children to feed in this Buhari economy!

I also have a job U-World Limited, a company I am a director and shareholder in. The application has been given Registration number and at point of despatch, it was queried for name similarity. I wrote CAC and instead of amicable settlement, A.C.Abubakar, threatened to sue me in line with Section 36(2) of CAMA. It is now over 2 months and CAC has not served me any court processes in line with the said provision which allows CAC only two weeks to so act. Since two weeks had expired, should CAC waste government money to sue, a suit that will be thrown out? CAC pays N1.5M (One Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira) Only to its external solicitors for briefs in High Courts. But come on, how come CAC does not have a legal department despite the high number of lawyers it employs? Won’t federal government safe money, if all these lawyers in CAC are herded into a legal department and they appear in Court for CAC or are they only competent in querying people’s applications?

Now that my “Sister”, is the acting RG of CAC, will she treat my applications with fairness, just and as equitable as CAC had been treating other people’s applications or will she continue dishing out injustice to me? I ask no special favour from her other than that my hanging jobs be treated on the merit. I have been under tremendous pressure from my clients,  I have returned money after I did over 70% of the job, some have used police to harass me and even came to CAC to approach me.

I don’t deserve these treatments as the faults are not mine and my sins being that I merely raised the mirror to highlight the corruption, ineptitude and tribalism in CAC.

Has the corruption and laziness in CAC gone with the immediate past RG of CAC and his man Friday called SA or are we being carried away with the token to a woman as the RG of CAC and refuse to ask questions?

During the 10 days strike by staff union of CAC, certain corruption allegations were made against the immediate past RG of CAC. Those allegations were not denied or contradicted. I urge Lady Azuka Azinge to keep her records clean and make sure that the true financial health status of CAC as at the point she took over, is known to the world.

There is a campaign going on to tarnish her; well this is part of corporate war and boardroom manipulation in quest of power. I wish her well as she watches her back but the safest way to do so, is to make sure that she is fair to all and must shun tribalism or is it regionalism and reward merit.

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