61 Political Parties rejects INEC 2019 draft Election Guidelines 

INEC Chairman Prof. Yakubu 

Political parties clash with INEC over 8 obnoxious clauses inserted into the election guidelines that will ruin the 2019 elections.

Political parties demand retention of 2011 and 2015 separate accreditation time and separate voting time to help forestall rigging with the presence of voters at the polling unit instead of INEC 2019 simultaneous accreditation and voting.

Political parties demands announcement of accreditation figures by 12noon on election day and recorded in a signed form and given to party agents before voting starts to forstall doctoring of election figures during collation.

Political parties demand stoppage of PVC collection 10 days to election and disclosure of the total number of PVC collected on polling unit basis to political parties.

Political parties rejects the clauses in the guideline which allows unduly accredited voters to vote especially the clause that allows voters with PVC whose name is not in the register of voters to vote.

Political parties demands transparency in collation and transmission of results with accredited representatives of Election observers and political parties monitoring.

Political parties rejects the creation or usage of secret polling units called voting point settlement and demand full list and location of such units.

Political parties demand INEC meets with party chairmen before final release of the Election guidelines.

Political Parties demands the redeployment of Amina Zakari as head of collation centre and replacement with Federal Commissioner incharge of Operation, Prof. Okechukwu Ibeanu to ensure credibility and balancing.

Political Parties rejects the use of former Youth corpers and staff of federal govt agencies as Adhoc Staff

Parties threatens to pass vote of no confidence on INEC chairman if he goes ahead to release the contentious guideline on Monday without further consultation with Political Parties Chairmen.

The signed resolution and petition to the INEC chairman and his Federal commissioners by the 61 Political Parties (majority of Nigeria 91 Political parties) has just been submitted to INEC leadership at the Headquarters few Minutes ago after emergency meeting of the Country’s party leaders.

How INEC reacts will determine the fate of the 2019 election which seems to be heading to major crisis.

Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere
National Chairman of the Action Peoples Party (APP) and the Publicity Secretary of IPAC (the inter party advisory council).

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