African Blood Flows in my Veins Says Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria

An interview with the Ambassador of Cuba Mr. Carlos E. Trejo Sosa.


On Friday 8th of this month Dimeji Macaulay visited the Embassy of Cuba to have an interview with the Ambassador of Cuba, Mr. Carlos E. Trejo Sosa. This is a summary, from the fifty minutes’ interview, which we provide for your reading pleasure and for record reasons you can also listen to it in our podcast.


Speaking earlier to welcome Dimeji Macaulay was Ms. Miriam Morales Palmero. They exchanged greetings and chatted on development around the world, and that Africans must rise up to join the fight against United State of America’s blockade against Cuba.


Quietly Mr. Carlos Trejo Sosa entered the protocol room and exchanged a hand shake with Dimeji Macaulay; This is second time we have met, the first time was at the Program organized by Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress to mobilize against the blockade Cuba.


News from Cuba on the Hurricane

Mr. Carlos Trejo Sosa started with the news from home country; The Hurricane is affecting some part of Cuba, in the island and small part of East. But because of the Cuba organized society the hurricane affected little but is still sad the news from Haiti is sad and heart breaking.  Hoping that is going to end in few days.


The Interview



We went through the historic event that turned the country around in 1959. Fidel Castrol and other young socialist ended the rule of the USA installed capitalist puppets. These rulers had turned the country into a graveyard. Poverty was shrinking the country.  He spoke of lots of development like air strikes, terrorist attack and so on many things including 620 assassination attempts Fidel Castrol.

Few days ago Cuba commiserate forty years of   one of the  heinous   attack in the country history where seventy-three (73) young people from Cuba was bombed in the air by  United State of America (USA). He pointed out that the US government themselves said they have tried to assassinate the Fidel Castrol more than 620 times, that is what they said it may be more than that.


Shortly after the fall of Soviet Union in late 80s the  Imperialist and its capitalist partners  thought that Cuba will be affected but Cuba people keep the flag of socialism on and still consolidating the socialism.


Cuba success story

  • Cuba was rated fifty one (51)in the world among the country with Human development.
  • Life expectancy in Cuba is 81 years for women and 79 years for men.
  • Birth rate mortality is one of the lowest in the world.
  • GDP growth in Cuba is 2.4% despite blockade.
  • On health sector Cuba have succeeded finding solution to cure of skin cancer, hepatitis and many others.
  • About fifty thousand (50,000) Cuba doctors working in many part of the world.
  • Today Cuba have about 75,000 doctors for 11.2million population as against 3000 doctors for 6 million in 1959.
  • 54% of National Budget go to Health, Education, Old and young people.
  • The major source of Cuba today is Human Being brain.

Cuba revolution was built on Justice despite small economy it belongs to the people, including Africans that was carried to Cuba during slavery in Nineteen Century.

African Blood Flows in my Veins

According to the Mr Carsol “He said African blood flows in me because our ancestors are from African, I feel at home here in Nigeria”.

On the blockade:

 He said “USA didn’t again anything from the blockade excerpt oppression and Suppression”.

Looking at development at the last United Nation (UN) election 191 countries vote in favour of Cuba out of 193 countries. This year by on 26 of this month, there will be another vote in the UN. We will see what the USA will do to it since there is no development on the last year election where 191 countries voted to end to embargo on Cuba


On Venezuela

Venezuela problem is artificially created by some people so as to give the opposition sponsored by the Imperialist to fight against the Maduro government. But many news by main street media are not true, many times   many pictures that they posted on news are from Asia. Rich people keep food that government paid for from circulation to also cause scarcity.

He however says they will continue to help Venezuela and many Africa countries, because helping people is in  Cubans  DNA but there will be no interference on internal issue.  In Africa our rings are very strong and bond with the spirits of our forefathers. This is the home of our forefathers and we are part of Diaspora.

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