Build A Maximum Security Prison In Sambisa Forest for Corrupt People, Magu tells FG

BAUCHI Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Mr Ibrahim Magu, has appealed to the Federal Government to build a maximum-security prison in Sambisa Forest specifically for Corrupt People.  He said the reason for this action by the FG would be to express clearly that dxcorrupt practices would not be tolerated in the land. Speaking when he received the media team of the National Committee of Buhari Support Groups (NCBSG) on Monday in his office at Abuja.
Mr Magu said further that if granted, it will serve as a special prison unit for corrupt people, which will totally isolate them and cut them off from their comfort zones. He lamented that when kept in Kirikiri maximum prison in Lagos, corrupt people still go about their businesses as if nothing is amiss and continue to use their communication gadgets even when their actions are responsible for Nigeria’s current economic difficulties and battered global image.
Nigerians, he said, are poorer than citizens of many nations of the world despite her enormous resources. “The EFCC is leaving nothing to chance and we will make sure we continue to maintain a zero  tolerance posture in relation to reducing and eliminating economic  and financial crimes”.
 Mr Magu added “even though I am aware of countless conspiracies  against my person, I remain undeterred and committed to executing  the mandate the President has given me”.
The team had gone to interview him for a documentary being packaged to celebrate the mid-term achievements of the Buhari-led administration. In his contribution to the subject, Mr Magu gave an insight into the beautiful work of his Commission with respect to ridding the nation completely of corruption and reported that the EFCC recorded 100 convictions between the beginning of the year and the first week of June 2017 in various courts across the country.
Speaking earlier on the subject of challenges being faced by the EFCC in the pursuit of its mandate, Mr Magu ascribed successes netted so far to the unmistaken political will and support of President Muhammadu Buhari and the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, both of whom have never interfered with the work of the Commission.
Nigeria, he opined, is lucky to have such committed leadership and he urged all Nigerians to give their maximum support to the administration in its quest to reposition Nigeria on the path of growth that benefits all and sundry including generations yet unborn.


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